Add a USB Flexlight to your equipment rack

There are two things that everyone with a home theater usually finds themselves needing, but rarely have on hand:

  1. More money for gear
  2. A flashlight

I am always adding or removing components from my equipment rack. Almost every time, I crawl back behind it and *then* remember that I should have grabbed a flashlight.

To overcome the darkness and my own forgetfulness, I recently permanently installed a USB Flexlight in my equipment rack. It really does come in handy. It provides hands-free light due to the flexible neck plus, because it powered by USB, I don't need to give up one of my precious power outlets to plug it in. And because the one I bought has an on/off switch, I can leave it connected all the time.

It does require a component with a USB port; however, those are getting more and more common. I think I have 6 devices in my rack that have USB ports: XBOX 360, PS2, DirecTV H20, DirecTiVo R10, Omnifi DMS-1 and a DivX Connected set-top box.

ThinkGeek has a USB Flexlight for around $10 (although it doesn't appear to have an on/off switch). I actually got mine a couple of weeks ago at Target for $2.50 (I picked up a second one over the weekend).

For those who would rather do it yourself, here is a video that shows you how to make a simple USB-powered flashlight.