CES 08: SlingCatcher was worth the wait

One of the most anticipated products to be unveiled at CES 2008 is the SlingCatcher from SlingMedia. The SlingCatcher was first announced at CES 2007; however, it wasn't until the Digital Experience show on Sunday night that we finally got to see it in action.


SlingCatcher with a USB hard drive connected.

The SlingCatcher connects to your TV and your home network and allows you to stream content from a Slingbox (whether local or remote) or a PC. It also offers USB ports so that you can save content to and/or stream content from a USB hard drive.

One of the new features that I hadn't heard about prior to our meeting is the ability to pull in video content from the web. The SlingCatcher software is even able to scale up web video from places like CBS.com to fill your entire TV screen.

I was able to get Matt Feinstein from Sling Media to give us a full demo of the product and it was very impressive. Although I would have like to have seen it sooner, it was definitely worth the wait.

There is no firm release date yet; however, the SlingCatcher will launch with a retail price of $249 some time in Q2.