Does the MacBook Air redefine portability?

Jason Calacanis, former CEO of Weblogs, Inc. and current CEO of Mahalo, has posted his impressions of using his new MacBook Air for a week.

As expected, he runs through each of the features and discusses what is great or not so great about them. However, the most interesting part is what he says at the end:

"I'm in love this thing because the weight really is a issue with laptops and how often you bring them with you. When these things were 10 pounds you brought them if you had to. When they were 6-9 pounds you brought them because you wanted to. When they are 2-4 pound you bring them everywhere because you can."

Sure, laptops are *supposed* to be portable; however, many are just too bulky to be practical everywhere. For example, my 17" laptop is a real pain to use on an airplane. It also dominates a table at a restaurant or coffee shop. I find myself leaving it home even when I would like to have it with me based on convenience and size.

According to Jason, Apple has found a way to make a laptop that you'll actually want to take everywhere. To use his term, that could be "game changing." That is an angle that I hadn't considered. I knew I could put it in an envelope, but I hadn't thought about any paradigm shifts in mobile computing.

So is the size and weight of the MacBook Air more about user benefits or marketing hype? Are you considering the Air? Photo of Jason with his Mac Book Air taken by Sean Percival