Guitar Hero on the Nintendo DS just got cooler

It's no secret I am nuts about Guitar Hero. So you can imagine that I am pretty excited about the upcoming "Guitar Hero on Tour" game set to be released for the Nintendo DS handheld later this year.

Today, I got even more excited after seeing the new Guitar Grip accessory that will be included with the game. It adds four Guitar Hero buttons to the side of the DS (by connecting to the Game Boy slot). So you strum the guitar using the stylus and touchscreen on the DS and you use the Guitar Grip to play the "notes." Interesting approach, I think.

Guitar grip

Photo courtesy of GameSpot

No word yet on the tracklist (other than naming Nirvana, OK Go, and No Doubt as confirmed artists) or the release date (other than Q3 2008). GameSpot has the trailer for the game, which shows the Guitar Grip in action.