Just how different are the iPhone and iPod Touch?

When Steve Jobs announced the iPod Touch a couple of weeks ago, people quickly dubbed it the "iPhone with the phone." After all, it has the same great look of the iPhone and features the new iPod UI, WiFi and the Safari browser that makes everyone say, "Wow!"

However, there are still quite a few apps and features that the iPhone has (besides being able to make phone calls) that aren't going to be available on the iPod Touch. Bill Palmer over at iProng has the complete list of missing features; however, below are the ones that make the iPhone worth the extra $100 for me:

  1. No access to EDGE network -- Sure , it is ridiculously slow; however, at least you have access when you're not on a WiFi network.
  2. No e-mail app -- I really like the e-mail client in the iPhone. With the iPod Touch, you will be limited to web-based e-mail clients that can be accessed with Safari.
  3. No camera -- The iPhone's camera isn't its best feature; however, it is still nice to have for the random snapshot you might need to take when you don't have your digital camera with you.

There have also been issues and speculation around the screen being used in the iPod Touch. Reports have surfaced that the iPod Touch's screen isn't as bright and doesn't represent color as well as the iPhone. If these rumors turn out to be true, then add that to the top of my deal breaker list. The screen on the iPhone is amazing.

So, if you were hoping that you could pick up an iPod Touch and get most of the features of the iPhone, you'll be disappointed with all of the features that are missing. Of course, for those of you that don't use AT&T as your mobile provider (and don't want to switch), the iPod Touch may be as close as you can get for quite a while.

BTW, we will be starting on our "2 weeks with the iPod Touch" review once they are released later this week.