My Wii Remote Jackets arrived

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Nintendo was offering up to 4 free Wii Remote Jackets to all Wii owners. Yesterday, my package of 4 remote jackets arrived.

Remote Jackets

Shot of the Wii Remote Jacket by itself, a Wii Remote Jacket "installed" and the instruction manual

The jackets definitely add a lot of padding around the top of the Wii Remote. I found that it makes Wii Virtual Console games (that require you to turn the Wii Remote sideways) a little easier to play by providing more surface area to hold on to.

And, although I never had a problem with flying Wii remotes, the rubber material definitely makes the Wii Remote easier to grip.

If you want to get your free Wii Remote Jackets, request them here.

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