Remove scratches from your iPod

With today's iPod announcement from Apple, everybody and their brother is preparing to sell their old iPods on eBay so they can pick up a new iPod Touch. Of course, one of the "features" of the 5G and 5.5G iPods is that they are super easy to scratch (leave it to Apple to make putting scratches on your iPod easier than on a competitor's MP3 player).

I'm going to show you and quick and easy way to get rid of (or at least diminish) most of the surface scratches on your 5G or 5.5G iPod.


  • Chemical resistance rubber gloves
  • Soft polishing cloth
  • Cotton balls
  • Brasso multi-purpose metal polish
The process:

  1. Move your iPod and your supplies to a well-ventilated area. The fumes from the Brasso can be pretty strong.
  2. Put on your rubber gloves
  3. Using a cotton ball, wipe a thin layer of Brasso onto your iPod. Be careful not to apply it to the click wheel.
  4. Allow the Brasso to dry for approximately 5 minutes until a light haze appears on the iPod Drying
  5. Using a soft polishing cloth, buff off the Brasso. You'll need to apply a light elbow grease to get all of the Brasso haze off of the iPod.

This should remove most of the light surface scratches that were on your iPod. If you still aren't satisfied with the results, you can apply another coat of Brasso and repeat the process above.

So are you going to ditch your 5G or 5.5G iPod for a new iPod Touch or newly-discounted iPhone?