The $6 million home theater

I know this blog is supposed to be about practical gadgetry; however, this one is just too amazing and ridiculous to pass up.

Audio Video Interiors has a feature on Jeremy Kipnis in its February issue. Jeremy is a record producer and sound engineer who has built a $6 million home theater in his Connecticut home. Check it out:

Photos courtesy of Audio Video Interiors

The funniest thing about the article is that Jeremy's Sony projector doesn't have HDMI inputs, so he is using component video. Huh?

"The Sony projector doesn't have HDMI inputs that are HDCP compliant, but it upscales Blu-ray and HD DVD players' component outputs to its native 4K resolution. So sure, it might look even better if he could use his HD player's digital outputs, but Kipnis feels the picture quality he's getting right now is 'far more outstanding and realistic than any other movie theater I've experienced on the planet.' Pressing the question about keeping the KSS' video all digital, he admits that he's also considering commissioning a custom-built scaler from Silicon Optix or Snell & Wilcox. The ultimate goal is to produce a picture that's an open window to the world."

Read the rest of the article at the Audio Video Interiors blog. Thanks to my friend Dan Knoy for sending it my way.

As much as I love home theater, I would never spend $6 million on one. What about you? Is this a waste of time and money or the greatest thing you've ever seen?