Two weeks with Loc8tor Lite

It's 3:00pm, do you know where your TiVo remote is? I do... thanks to the new Loc8tor Lite, a credit card size remote control that helps you find things like your keys or your cellphone or your kids (as long as they haven't wandered more than 400ft away).

Loc8tor Lite remote

The Loc8tor Lite can track up to 4 items

We are always misplacing things in our house, so I jumped at the opportunity to give the Loc8tor Lite a try. The unit comes with the remote control and two tags that you attach to the items you want to track. For my tests, I attached one to my wife's car keys and one to one of our TiVo remotes. The tag is a little bulky for the remote, but it gets the job done.

Loc8tor Lite - what’s in the box?

Includes the remote, two tags, a magnetic holster for the remote and accessories for attaching tags

When you lose a tagged item, simply turn on the Loc8tor Lite remote and press the corresponding button for the item (the Loc8tor Lite includes a handy sticker to remind you which items, like keys, are assigned to which buttons). The tag on the lost item starts to chirp and the small light on the tag starts to flash. At the same time, the remote indicates how close you are to the object with a combination of a lighted meter and a series of beeps. As you move closer to the item, the light meter goes from red to green and the remote beeps more rapidly.

I have been using the Loc8tor Lite for a couple of weeks now and it really does a great job. We have a two-story house and I am able to find items between floors easily. I even put things at the opposite end of the house on a different floor and the Loc8tor Lite was able to lead me right to them. It was pretty impressive.

It's actually pretty fun to find a lost item. For the first couple of days that we had the Loc8tor Lite, my kids would hide items just so they could find them with the remote.

The only negative I have found is the volume of the tracking sound effects on the remote and the tag. The sound on the remote overpowers the chirp from the tag. So when you are within a few feet of an item, it can be hard to pinpoint its location because the remote is beeping too loud. I've found myself covering the speaker on the remote with my thumb to try and muffle it.

If you (or someone you live with) has trouble keeping up with their keys or cellphone, the Loc8tor Lite is definitely worth the $79.99. Just don't lose the Loc8tor Lite remote or you're out of luck :)