VUDU adds more HD content

I was flipping through the VUDU menu after the Super Bowl last night and noticed that they have added about 30 new HD titles to the service. It appears to be a mix of new stuff, like Transformers and Blades of Glory, and older titles. VUDU issued a press release in January claiming there would be 70 HD titles by the end of last month. It doesn't look like they quite made it to 70 yet, but any new HD content is good IMO.

The picture quality on VUDU's HD stuff looks really good. My lone complaint with the service continues to be the price of the content. HD rentals run as high as $5.99 for a 24-hour rental. That's really steep.

I know much of the pricing can be blamed on the movie studios; however, that still doesn't help much when you want to rent an HD title, but you don't want to spend $6 for 24 hours.

As I've said in my previous posts (here and here), if VUDU could come up with an all-you-can-eat pricing structure, they would have something really great.