What is Practical Gadgetry?

Practical Gadgetry is our new blog about gadgets and consumer electronics. Unlike other gadget blogs, we will be taking a more real-world approach by providing reviews that show you what it is like to live with these devices. We aren't going to play with something for a few hours and then make a recommendation. Our reviews will be written after we've spent a few weeks working with the device.

We will also give you hands-on tips for getting the most out of the gadgets you already own.

I am currently testing a bunch of products including the Upstage from Samsung, the Drobo, an Apple iPhone, the Nokia N95, the iBootBar, and Nintendo's DS browser. I am also working on some tips for getting the most out of the XBOX 360 and the Nintendo Wii.

If there are things you'd like us to cover, shoot me an e-mail shawn dot morton at cnet dot com and let me know.