Review: Achievo resource management tool

Achievo is a resource management tool for any size SMB who wants to focus on using their tools, not administrating their tools.

Project creation page

The creation of detailed projects depends up successful creation of categories, customers, and coordinators - all of which can be created within this same page.


Quotes for projects can include as much information as you need. Of course this depends upon your installation having Assignees and Organizations entered into the system.


You can export your contracts into CVS lists by clicking the Export link.

Security profile

Create security profiles that you can then add users to in order to allow (or deny) users rights to certain areas of Achievo.

Employee statistics

One of the only reports you will find in Achievo is employee statistics, which indicates time per project.


Just a portion of the areas you can configure in Achievo. To fully realize the potential of Achievo, you will need to go through this entire list and make sure you have configured every section that applies to your business model.