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Review: Acronis Backup & Recovery 10

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 software, available in a wide-ranging suite, lets administrators automate disk image backup routines with confidence.

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 provides a powerful interface for automating the creation of disk images. Here's a look at the application's main console, from which administrators can schedule backups, restore images, export backup configurations, create bootable disks, review log files, manage installed disks, view an event dashboard and more.

Creating A Backup Plan

Administrators can customize backup routines, setting specific configurations for everything from what to back up and when to how long to retain archives and when to perform validation tasks. Users can also select from a variety of preconfigured backup routines.

E-mail Notifications

One of Acronis' most popular settings, without a doubt, is the ability to configure e-mail notifications. Administrators can elect to receive backup notifications only when backups fail, or when backups complete successfully, too.

Backup Plans And Tasks

The Backup Plans And Tasks window, shown here, lists each Acronis backup routine that's been scheduled. Users can run, edit or delete scheduled backups from this console, as well as create new routines, view advanced details of an existing routine or view the log files.

Backup Details

Users can view advanced details for each scheduled backup task. The Task tab, shown here, lists information about the execution state (in this case this backup routine is actually running), the type (backup to disk) and more.
Other information, including e-mail notification settings, archive data and more, are listed on other provided tabs.

Backup Details Progress

Here you can see backup details found on the Progress tab. This disk backup routine has been running for almost 22 minutes, with another estimated 26 or so minutes remaining.

Disk Management

The Disk Management console enables administrators to monitor disk health, available disk space and file system information. Much like the Windows Disk Management console it resembles, users can format volumes, change drive letter assignments and more using this window.

Archive Storage

Acronis creates .tib files that can be used to recover a system following a failure. Here you can see a collection of .tib files made over time by the backup application.

Boot Disk For Recovery

Acronis includes software that simplifies the process of creating a bootable CD. This bootable CD can then be used to recover a failed system.

E-mail Notification

My IT consultancy receives dozens of these successful backup notifications each day. When we don't receive one of these notifications for a client, or when the notification alerts us to an error, we're able to quickly respond and correct the issue. These e-mail notifications are very helpful in monitoring data backup operations.

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