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Review: BitDefender for UNIX-based operating systems

Bitdefender fills in a large gap left by anti-virus companies that seem to think Linux doesn't need a user-friendly GUI anti-virus application.

Bit Defender Main Window

As you can see, the Linux version of BitDefender is as user-friendly as any other anti-virus tool (regardless of operating system).

Scan results

As you can see, BitDefender makes results as user-friendly as possible. Here is the result of a single folder scan.


Updating the virus definitions in BitDefender for UNICES is as simple as it is in Windows.


This is all you get and all you need for settings. If you want real-time scanning, you have to set it to continue running in the background.

Log view

All BitDefender events are logged here in the convenient log viewer.


For just about any level of user, BitDefender will offer tips at startup. These can range from the newbie-friendly, to the hard core tips.

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