Review: Camtasia Studio screen capture

Camtasia Studio is for any individual, SMB, or enterprise needing to create desktop screen captures for training, PR, or any other purpose.

Camtasia Welcome Screen

This screen starts up any time you open Camtasia and allows you to open existing projects as well as view tutorials.

Control panel

To start your screen cast click the "rec" button and the control panel will count down before the recording starts. Just before the recording starts, the control panel will minimize.


The Camtasia editing studio is where you can take your screen cast from an average to a professional level.


Camtasia Studio allows you to take screencasts and put them together in a single project with a professional looking menu (chosen from templates) where users can quickly access each segment of the video.


You can add helpful text to your screen casts by clicking the Callouts link in the task list.


You can add captions to your videos (which can even be synchronized with audio) to further aid your viewers.