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Review: Clonezilla system imaging

Clonezilla is an efficient, networkable, piece of software that can clone a single machine or up to forty machines simultaneously.

Boot Screen

This is the last graphic you will see in Clonezilla. This is the boot screen for the Live version of the tool.

Choose language

Clonezilla supports multiple languages. In this screen you must choose which language you want to continue in.

Choose image

Which type of imaging do you want to do? Device-image takes your drive and makes and image of it to store. Device-device takes the images of your device and loads it onto another device - cloning if you will.


From this screen you can decide how to store the image. In this example, I am saving the images on a Samba share.

Select mode

From this screen you select the mode you want to use Clonezilla for. You can create an image (or parts of an image), restore an image (or parts of an image), create a recovery disk, or exit.


This screen shows Clonezilla reporting what disk space is used. Here you see Clonezilla loaded on a VirtualBox virtual image (hence the small size).




IP Address

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