Review: CloudBerry Online Backup for Amazon S3

CloudBerry Online Backup for Amazon S3, from CloudBerry Lab, makes backing up any computer to the Internet a snap with an easy backup wizard.

CloudBerry Online Backup for Amazon S3, from CloudBerry Lab, makes backing up any computer to the Internet, whether it is a home computer or an enterprise server, a snap with an easy backup wizard. Restoring files is just as easy. Also, with its built-in encryption protocols, CloudBerry is able to keep your data secure as well.


Who is it for?

CloudBerry Online Backup provides easy configuration and ready data access to any system administrator through its user-friendly interface. Any critical system can be easily restored with the click of the mouse. Also, with versioning control, CloudBerry is able to retrieve an edit completed more than one revision ago.

What problem does it solve?

CloudBerry leverages the Amazon S3 service to provide ready storage space to companies with a variety of storage needs. The Amazon S3 billing structure is built around "what you need" instead of a fixed drive or tape size. Also, by providing encryption technology, CloudBerry keeps your data safe using your own key/password.

Standout features

  • Storage: CloudBerry uses Amazon S3's almost infinite storage
  • User-friendly: Simple, easy-to-use wizards for backups and restores
  • Encryption: 18 different encryption algorithms

What's wrong

  • Cost: After paying $29.99 for the software, you're still required to pay Amazon for storage on the S3 servers. Cost is scaled to the amount of storage space used, but there are free or fixed-cost products available.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

All business data needs to be backed-up. With CloudBerry Online Backup, you don't have to worry about disasters because your data is off-site at one of the world's largest data centers. Also, the likelihood of data tampering is extremely low with the included encryption algorithms. Finally, CloudBerry is extremely easy to use, which is important for organizations without full-time IT staff.

User rating:

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