Review: Compiere Enterprise business resource planning

Compiere Enterprise is a full-featured, reliable, highly adaptable ERP solution that can be hosted on site or served up from the cloud.

Compiere Main Window

When you log into Compiere ERP you can get an instant glance at reports. You can customize this main page as well.


When first setting up your ERP solution, you will find a ton of pre-defined items to create.

My dashboard

The dashboard a user will see will be dictated by the role in which they play in your business.


You can add as many favorites to your dashboard as you like. These favorites will give you easy access to the various Compiere tools.

Select role

If a user has permission, they can select which role they want to use from the login screen.


When you click the Main Menu link (from the home screen), you will see numerous tools that allow you to configure, use, and create various aspects of your enterprise.

Creating a location

View assets

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