Review: Core FTP LE 2.1

Core FTP LE is for those looking for a free and simple GUI based way to transfer files to and from remote servers using FTP and common protocols.

The Initial Screen

Download and run the coreftplite.exe setup file. This is what you should see when Core FTP LE starts for the first time.

The Main Screen

The main screen has four panes - activity log, local folders, remote directories, queue and status.

The Site Manager Screen

Advanced settings

The Sites | Site Manager | Advanced | General / View | Options | General Screen

Advanced connections

The Sites | Site Manager | Advanced | Connections / View | Options | Connections Screen

By Alan Norton

Alan Norton began using PCs in 1981, when they were called microcomputers. He has worked at companies like Hughes Aircraft and CSC, where he developed client/server-based applications. Alan is currently semi-retired and starting a new career as a wri...