Review: EnhanceMySe7en performance maintenance

EnhanceMySe7en solves the problem of keeping Microsoft Windows 7 maintained without having to install multiple applications for different tasks.

Microsoft Windows 7 comes with plenty of tools to help keep your system running smoothly. But there are some tasks where it would help to have all necessary tools included in one, simple to use, interface. Believe it or not, that tool does exist in the form of EnhanceMySe7en. This tool is a sort of one-stop-shop tool for the maintenance of Windows 7 that includes a lot of tools many administrators wind up installing separately and, naturally after the installation of the Windows operating system.


  • Product: EnhanceMySe7en
  • Company: SeriousBit
  • PC running Windows 7
  • 1GHz 32- or 64-bit processor
  • 512MB of system memory
  • 20GB minimum hard drive with 20MB of available space.

Who's it for?

EnhanceMySe7en is for any system administrator running multiple Windows 7 maintenance tasks on multiple Windows 7 machines and wants to cut down their maintenance time drastically. By only having to install (and use) one application to take care of over maintenance tasks, you are going to be pointing and clicking far less with this tool. But don't think EnhanceMySe7en is only for busy administrators, this tool can be used by anyone who needs to keep their Windows 7 installation running at top efficiency.

What problem does it solve?

EnhanceMySe7en solves the problem of keeping Windows 7 maintained without having to install multiple applications and run multiple tools for different tasks. EnhanceMySe7en gives the administrator (and/or user) a single interface for nearly all Windows 7 maintenance tasks.

Key features

  • Process/application management
  • Start-up management
  • Registry cleaner
  • Registry defragmenter
  • Hard drive monitor/cleaner
  • System/file/networking tools
  • Optimizations for system

What's wrong?

As with any tool, you always know you are taking a chance when you monkey with the Windows registry. And because EnhanceMySe7en is not a Microsoft-issued product, the chances could be even greater. But my experience has been so far, so good.

Just make sure, as with any registry editing tool, that you back up your registry before you use any of the registry tools. The other issue is that the free version only has a fraction of the features the Pro version offers. This, of course, isn't really a problem as much as it is a way to get those that want all features to purchase the Pro version. For more information and a comparison of the Free vs. Pro version, check out the SeriousBit comparison chart.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

If your business has Windows 7 machines, you should certainly at least consider the EnhanceMySe7en tool. No matter if you are using the Free or the Pro version, your Windows 7 machines will run far better with this tool than without it or with a few tools cobbled together. You will also find the registry cleaner much more effective than the likes of CCleaner.

User rating

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By Jack Wallen

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