Review: Evernote knowledge management application

Evernote is a knowledge management application targeted at people who need to wrangle large amounts of unrelated or loosely related information.

Main window

This is the main Evernote window, where you will spend most of your time. Note the double scrollbars on the right. The top one is a traditional scrollbar. The bottom one is actually a shuttle control, the more you drag it up or down, the faster you will scroll through the document.

Flawed Web page importing

An example of the highly flawed Web page importing. Compare the Internet Explorer version of the document on the left to what was imported into Evernote.


Trying to email the same page is even worse (the Outlook window is on the right). Evernote has exposed some of the underlying HTML in the email message for some reason.

Displaying PDF

An example of the problems displaying PDF files. Without the ability to zoom out, one is forced to keep scrolling up and down to read the document!

Text formatting

If you want to edit your notes and have access to text formatting icons, you will need to open the note in a separate window. However, the separate editing window lacks all other functionality, like tagging. And, as you can see, the text formatting options are quite few.

Tag notes

You can tag your notes by typing directly into the note header (which allows typos to easily create new tags by accident), or you can use this separate tag editing window. This tag editor is much more precise, but it is more work to access.