Review: FilesAnywhere offsite file storage

With a huge feature set and a number of different ways to access files, FilesAnywhere has something for everyone that needs offsite file storage.

Web-based interface

This is FilesAnywhere's Web-based interface. It supports the most functionality of all of the means of access.

Handy Backup

FilesAnywhere provides a 30-day trial of Handy Backup, which integrates with FilesAnywhere. Handy Backup can perform scheduled backups and real-time synchronization.

Desktop client

The FilesAnywhere desktop client is a simple system for working with your files. Unfortunately, it is a bit too bare boned for anything more complex than basic file transfers.

User interface

With the FilesAnywhere Desktop client installed, there is a handy box installed on your desktop that you can drag files directly to.

Outlook add-in

With the Outlook add-in, you can select a file which then gets uploaded to FilesAnywhere, and a publically available link to the file is inserted into your email, great for working about those email file size limits.