Review: Gadmintools suite of configuration utilities

The Gadmintools set of administration/configuration tools are for any Linux administrator needing a fast, simple means of configuring various systems.

If you are a Linux system administrator you can understand when I say that sometimes it would be nice if there was a really great set of standard GUI tools for configuring X. Of course there are plenty of GUI tools, but when you're switching from Samba, to DHCPD, to RSYNC, to SQUID, to OpenVPN Server it would certainly help to have a set of tools with the same, user-friendly interface. You're in luck. The Gadmintools suite of configuration utilities is there to save the day. With these easy-to-install/use graphical front-ends, you can have a number of often-complex systems up and running in no time.


Who's it for?

The Gadmintools set of administration/configuration tools are for any Linux administrator needing a fast, simple means of configuring various systems on Linux machine. Gadmintools requires at least a mid-level knowledge of Linux since some of the tools offered configure fairly complex systems.

What problem does it solve?

Gadmintools solves a number of problems that all fall under the umbrella of offering an administrator an easy to use, graphical front-end that allows them to get often-complicated systems up and running. Instead of manually editing your smb.conf file, let Gadmin Samba take care of it. Instead of editing your apache2.conf file by hand, let Gadmin Apache tackle that task.

Standout features

  • Standardized interface across all tools
  • Simple installation through Synaptic (or any package manager)
  • User-friendly
  • Remote server administration by tunneling X with ssh
  • Free

What's wrong?

Of course the biggest problem is the lack of support. Yes the administrator can get on line and Google-search all day, but when something really goes wrong, the IT consultant knows the fault lies completely on their shoulders. The lack of support will turn a lot of SMB and Enterprise users off of Gadmintools. And because the Gadmintools is all GUI, those headless Linux servers won't benefit from their use.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

If you employ Linux for various server systems (or even only one system), it behooves you to give the Gadmintools a try. Not only will these tools make your job easier, they will make setting up and administering those systems far more efficient.

User rating

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