Review: Group Office groupware suite

Group Office solves your business communication needs with an amalgamation of groupware and CRM tools.

If you are in need of a groupware suite, but do not have the in-house IT staff set it up and maintain it, the best option is a hosted groupware suit. There are a number of available options, each of which offers different tools to set them apart from the others. One of those suites is Group Office, which offers some very handy features that will appeal to many departments within your company. And not only does Group Office work as a hosted environment, it also offers built-in support and cost-effective pricing.


Who's it for?

Group Office is a solid entry in the group ware space that will suit just about any office need. From standard group ware tools (Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Email) to CRM-like tools (such as billing and time tracking) Group Office is more than just your average Gmail account. This tool will fit the bill for any SMB needing an out-sourced solution.

What problem does it solve?

Group Office solves your business communication needs with an amalgamation of groupware and CRM tools. Your company will be able to schedule meetings, create contacts, track projects, and bill clients all from one easy to use tool.

Standout features

  • No installation necessary
  • Solid hosting
  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Billing
  • Files
  • Time tracking
  • Tasks
  • Outlook and PDA syncing

What's wrong?

The biggest issue some will have is determining if the pricing is worth the features Group Office has in beyond a standard Gmail account. If Group Office offered a document system (complete with word processing and spreadsheets) it would be a much easier decision to make. As it stands, most businesses will want to take advantage of the 30 day free trial before they make up their minds.

Competitive Products

Bottom line for business

If you need a hosted group ware solution, and are not concerned with document collaboration, Group Office is a solid entry in this arena. But if you're looking for less CRM and more collaboration, you better look to the competition. Without document collaboration, Group Office might fall short in the eyes of many SMBs.

User rating

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