Review: Group Office groupware suite

Group Office solves your business communication needs with an amalgamation of groupware and CRM tools.

Group Office Summary page

This will be your home screen for your Group Office installation.

Start menu

Click the "Start Menu" link to reveal all of the tools you will need to work with Group Office.

Settings panel

The settings panel seems to offer numerous options. You might find, however, the options rather limited. For instance, by default you have only two themes to choose from.


The calendar module is probably one of the best tools in the suite. You can create as many calendars as you like, but each calendar does have to be associated with a user.


Although you cannot tell from this simple project sample, you can add budgeting, customers, fees, and more to each project.


The billing module should satisfy even hard-core CRM users. But you will do best to make sure you have all of your customers and vendors entered before you start using the Billing module.