Review: Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller's Embody chair is built upon decades of ergonomic experience, and aims to be the healthiest chair ever made.


The Herman Miller Embody chair from the front. This chair has the white frame, titanium base, optional armrests, and the "Berry Blue" color "Balance" fabric. It also has the standard casters, which work just fine on household carpeting.


This is a side view, where you can see the large number of knobs, levers, and other adjustment tools, and get an idea of the open "skeleton" frame that the chair uses.

Close up of back

This is a close up of the chair's rear. The flat panels are quite flexible and the arms they are mounted on are fairly stiff, providing a frame that is supporting but can bend and twist with your motions, supporting you the whole way through.


Here, you can see the whole back of the chair, and the open nature of its design. Not only is it comfortable, but it is quite nice to look at if you like modern design.


This is the underside of the seat. The open frame idea is present here as well, and the seat has a lot of "give" to it while still being flexible. Because of the design of the seat, the front portion can be extended or shortened, providing a customizable seat depth to accommodate both tall and short people.