Review: Herman Miller Envelop Desk

The Herman Miller Envelop Desk is designed for computer users and looks to resolve posture problems that ergonomic chairs have not been able to fix.


This is the Herman Miller Envelop desk, with the surface in the most upright position. This one is equipped with the normal casters, a white frame, and the "light ash" surface finish.

Desk extended

This view shows the desk with the surface fully extended and down. In the back is a handy cable management system.


The view from the rear with the surface fully extended, showing the cable management system.


As you can see, the desk legs have a good deal of adjustability, but due to the simple design, the desk must be upside down for adjustments. The legs are extremely heavy duty, despite their design which looks light.

Fully loaded

The desk is now fully loaded with two monitors (a 26" and a 23"), keyboard/mouse, phone and headset, and pencil holder. Clearly the desk is quite full with just this amount of items on it, and the lack of a "modesty panel" means that the cables are quite visible. In fact, the 23" monitor is so crowded that I needed to put some padding under the base where it overhangs the file cabinet to keep it stable! Using the recommended monitor arms would solve this problem, but these monitors do not have VESA mounts on the rear.