Review: IBE Software's HelpNDoc documentation tool

Creating both an online Help system and printed documentation from a single source, then you should consider the HelpNDoc Help Authoring environment.

If you are working on a documentation project that requires you to create both an online Help system and printed documentation from a single source, then you need to need to investigate IBE Software's HelpNDoc Help Authoring environment. In addition to being very easy to use, it is inexpensive and will allow you to create professional looking documentation.


  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Memory: 256MB+ RAM, 15MB of hard disk space, and 1024x768+ screen resolution
  • Price: Free for personal use and either $92 (Standard) or $186 (Professional) for commercial use.
  • More information at:
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Who is it for?

Technical writers/documentation specialists or software developers who need to be able to quickly and easily create online Help systems as well as printed documentation.

What problem does it solve?

Most of the major Help authoring tools currently on the market are bloated, convoluted, and overly complex requiring advanced training in order to understand, let alone use, all of the built-in features. With its straightforward WYSIWYG user interface that looks and feels just like a standard word processor, HelpNDoc is a basic Help authoring tool that removes all the complexity and allows you to stay focused on creating the content for your help system, which you can save using either HTML or CHM format. Keeping the central focus on the content, HelpNDoc also eliminates all of the difficulty typically involved in exporting the Help system content to other formats, such as PDF and DOC.


  • Ease of use: If you know how to use a word processor, such as Microsoft Word or Writer, and Windows Explorer, you'll be right at home in HelpNDoc.
  • Variable features: The built-in variables feature allows you to define reusable/replaceable text. You assign a word, phrase, or paragraph to a variable and then insert the variable in multiple locations wherever you want to use that word, phrase, or paragraph. If the text ever needs to be changed, you only have to change the variable definition.
  • Manage keywords: The keyword tool makes it easy to create and manage keywords that are then used for the Index.
  • Great Single Source Functionality: Once you create your documentation, just click the Compile button and in addition to creating an HTML-based Help file, you can create PDF, DOC, and even CHM files all at the same time.
  • Integration: Support for major programming languages to allow easy integration into compiled applications.
  • External control: Extensive command line support allows external control via compilers or scripting.

What's wrong?

Unfortunately, in order to keep the price down and to enforce the licensing structure, documentation created with the free version includes a small advertisement for the HelpNDoc product at the bottom of each and every page. The Standard edition only includes the advertisements at the bottom of DOC and PDF documents. The Professional edition doesn't have any advertisements.

If you need to create CHM files, you have to download and install Microsoft Help Workshop separately. However, once you do, HelpNDoc will be able to create CHM files.

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Bottom line for business

If you're looking for a basic Help system and documentation tool that is inexpensive, easy to use and allows you to easily create single source documentation, then HelpNDoc is a serious contender. The word processor-like user interface makes this tool very accessible and so easy to use that your documentation specialists won't need additional and costly training in order to be very productive.

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