Review: iTALC classroom monitoring and management

iTALC is for any teacher, training department, etc. needing a tool to control multiple workstations in order to simplify classroom instruction.

Master control

From this Master Control Station the teacher can take control of machines and much more.

Add a client

Adding a new client is as simple as right-clicking the left pane, selecting "Add New Computer", and filling out the information you see here.

Control bar

While controlling or viewing a workstation, if you hover your mouse at the top of the screen the Icon (or Control) bar will appear.

Private messages

Send private messages to students/workstations so not to interrupt class time.


Take screenshots of a students' workstation at any time. All snapshots will be listed (by name and IP address) in the snapshots listing (click the Camera icon in the left navigation).


This is the entire configuration necessary for iTALC. Notice that you can use a Domain login for mult-login. Depending upon your hardware, you can adjust the Quality of demonstrations down to get better performance.