Review: Joliprint PDF converter bookmarklet

With Joliprint, users can convert a Web page into a PDF on the fly without leaving their Web browser.

It's a rare occasion that you come across a tiny tool like a bookmarklet application that can make your day-to-day office life so much easier. But when I came across one such bookmarklet, I couldn't believe how much easier a once cumbersome task had become.

Using Joliprint, a user can drag and drop the URL of a Web page onto their Favorites bar or in their bookmarks and, then when they are on a Web page they can convert it to PDF with just a click, drag, and a drop.

Of course it's not perfect. The rendered PDF will not have menus and Joliprint cannot print out home pages (such as the root page of sites like But generally speaking, Joliprint renders in very nice PDF files that you can then use for whatever purpose you might need.

Supported browsers

Joliprint is cross platform and works on the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

How do you install it?

You don't! Joliprint is a bookmarket which is nothing more than a JavaScript-enabled bookmark that can interact with Web pages. Since this is nothing more than a specialized bookmark you don't actually install it. What you do is you point your browser to the Joliprint page and do the following (depending upon which browser you use):

  • Internet Explorer: Right click the button and select "Add to Favorites".
  • Chrome, Firefox, or Safari: Drag the button to your Bookmarks toolbar.

Once you've done this, you are ready to use this bookmarklet.

Who's it for?

Joliprint is for any user that needs to be able to quickly transform Web pages into PDFs without having to jump through a ton of hoops. This applies to students, editors, managers, office workers, you name it. If you need Web page to PDF conversion, Joliprint is for you.

What problem does it solve?

Have you ever tried to convert a Web page into a PDF document? Usually that requires either creating a screenshot and adding that image into a PDF or creating a PDF from scratch and copying/pasting text/images into the new document. It's not a simple process. Joliprint removes most all of the hoops one used to have to jump through and makes the process possible with a few clicks.


  • Free
  • Simple to install
  • Simple to use
  • Reliable
  • Cross platform
  • Insignificant footprint

What's wrong?

The biggest problem you will come across with Joliprint is that advertisements and some images will not print. The other issue is that some browsers are better supported than others. For example, TechRepublic's blog pages will render fine using Firefox, but not on Chrome. So the browser to browser success is not across the board. That being the case, you will want to try this on different browsers to find the perfect match to fit your needs. Another issue is that, no matter the layout on the Web page, Joliprint will render the layout in a two-column format.


Bottom line for business

There are times when you need a PDF document rendered from a Web site and you need it fast. You need information or images and you need them now. You do not want to have to go through the process of creating a PDF or taking screenshots and then importing them. As a business user, you need efficiency and reliability. When that is the case (or when you are creating numerous PDF documents from Web pages) you need to take advantage of the speed and simplicity of Joliprint. Although it seems terribly trivial, when you need a lot of pages rendered in PDF format, Joliprint will more than likely be your go-to-tool.

User rating

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