Review: LemonPOS point of sale system

LemonPOS is an open source point of sale system designed to be easy to use and simple to customize, making it a solid solution for small businesses.

There are plenty of point-of-sale applications available, with the de facto standard for the industry being Quickbooks Point of Sale. But for many smaller businesses, Quickbooks is either too big or too costly a solution to be viable. For those businesses an open source solution may be ideal. One such open source point of sale is LemonPOS which is a new system that was conceived for ease of use and simple customization. Although you won't find LemonPOS integrating with any financial software (as of yet), you will find LemonPOS to be a solid solution for small- to medium-sized businesses.


Who's it for?

LemonPOS is for any SMB needing a low-cost; easy to install, use, and maintain point of sale without sacrificing features and customization. LemonPOS is considered a general POS so it's can be used by any business needing a point of sale.

What problem does it solve?

LemonPOS offers the smaller business a point of sale solution at no cost (outside of hardware) without sacrificing usability and features.

Standout features

  • Easy installation
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Customize interface with CSS
  • Inventory management
  • External management console (called Squeeze)
  • Cash in drawer total
  • Inventory Categories
  • Customer/Vendor tracking
  • Printer support

What's wrong?

The biggest problem with LemonPOS is the lack of support. Because there is no available support (outside of contacting the developer) getting help can sometimes be a matter of using Google or solving the problem yourself. But since LemonPOS is fairly new, support should grow as its popularity does. It would also be helpful if someone would roll into LemonPOS support for a double entry accounting tool like GnuCash.

Competitive products:

Bottom line for business

If you are an SMB and you are looking for a down-to-business, easy to use, no frills point of sale system, and you want to go with the Linux operating system, LemonPOS might be the perfect solution. Just make sure you have the time and resources for troubleshooting, because (as of this writing) there is no support to be had outside of the mailing list

User rating

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