Review: Mikogo online conferencing

Mikogo is a great solution for anyone needing to do conferencing or screen sharing with small groups, but not features of a high end application.

Mikogo is a free Web conferencing and screen sharing application for limited use.

Note: This review was performed based on the standard, free version of the software.


  • Windows Requirements: WinNT 3.X - 4.X, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7, 500MHz CPU, 128MB RAM
  • Mac Requirements: Intel CPU, OSX 10.5.0 or higher
  • Price: Free
  • Additional Information: Product Web site

Who's it for?

Mikogo is a great solution for anyone with a need to do conferencing or screen sharing with small groups but does not need the features of a high end application.

What problems does it solve?

Screen sharing and conferencing applications seem to fall into two categories: large, in-house applications with a big sticker price and a lot of ownership hassles, and outsourced solutions with a per-user price that adds up quickly. Mikogo does not require any in-house installation, but at the same time it is completely free.

Standout features

  • Simplicity: Running Mikogo and using it is a snap, especially compared to more of its feature rich competitors. It has no local installation needed and is a lightweight application.
  • Price: It's hard to beat free, especially with no advertisements.

What's wrong?

  • Limited feature set: Mikogo is essentially the free version of "Beam Your Screen" so the feature set is limited.
  • No integrations: Mikogo lacks integration with Outlook and other products you would like for it to tie into.

Competitive Products

Bottom line for business

Most businesses have a need for some sort of conferencing and screen sharing system, even if it is just for basic troubleshooting and support purposes. At the same time, most of the choices on the market either require a heavy duty server installation (and a lot of money upfront), or have hefty per-user fees. While some users might take advantage of a $40 per month account with a big vendor, most users will use it only a few times a year, so it will be a lot of wasted money. Mikogo does a great job at fulfilling the basic needs of users at no cost and with no advertising.

It sounds like a great deal, and it is. However, Mikogo's parent company, BeamYourScreen, hopes that you love Mikogo and check out the rest of their products. And Mikogo is definitely good enough that after using it, you'll definitely look at BYS's other offerings.

Yes, Mikogo is limited. For example, your meetings are kept to 10 participants, and there is no audio sharing or Webcam support, so you will have to arrange a phone call separately. It is a basic screen sharing (and remote control) application with white boarding abilities. But the feature set that is there is more than enough for many, if not most users. If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive (in this case, free) way to share screens, Mikogo is worth a look.

User rating

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