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Automated offsite backups, such as those powered by Mozy Pro, help ensure critical business data is stored safely in a second location

Data backups rank among the most important of technology operations. Automated offsite backups, such as those powered by Mozy Pro, help ensure critical business data - including documents, spreadsheets, email, databases and financial information - is stored safely in a second location without the need for a staff member to manually rotate tapes, external hard disks or other media off site. MozyPro adds e-mail alerts, a thorough reporting dashboard, and more to the mix, all at a reasonable price.


  • Product: MozyPro Online Backup
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Server 2008, Vista, XP, 2003 & 2000 (desktop and server); Macintosh OS X 10.6, 10.5 and 10.4 (desktop and server)
  • Security: Local data is encrypted using military-grade encryption prior to offsite upload; data transfers occur via 128-bit encrypted SSL connections.
  • File Support: MozyPro supports backing up locked files, SQL and Exchange databases and network drives.
  • Price: Desktop Licenses: $3.95 + $0.50/GB per month; Server Licenses: $6.95 + $0.50/GB per month
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Who's it for?

MozyPro capably supports small businesses needing to automate the back up of critical data off site. The product's support for Windows and Mac clients and servers, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, locked files and other critical system data, helps ensure MozyPro meets the needs of small commercial and nonprofit organizations.

What problem does it solve?

An automated, schedulable offsite backup solution eliminates the need for office staff to remember to monitor backup routines and rotate tapes and disks to fire safes or other locations. Such manual processes require human interaction, which is prone to forgetfulness and failure. In offices where no offsite backup solution exists, MozyPro helps ensure critical business information is stored in a safe second location. Should a flood, fire or other disaster impact the original location, the backed up data can be used to restore operations.

Standout features

  • Secure Offsite Storage: Military grade 256-bit AES encryption secures data to be backed up on client desktops, laptops and servers before the data is transferred off site for back up. Alternatively, users can choose 448-bit Blowfish encryption instead. During the file transfer process, MozyPro leverages 128-bit SSL connections to further protect the data. Once stored on Mozy's servers, data is protected thanks to SAS 70- and ISO 27001-certified data centers boasting secure perimeter facilities requiring dual biometric- and card-based authentication for entry.
  • Low Cost: Mozy's pay-as-you-go pricing structure ensures organizations pay for only the offsite storage they require. No annual contracts are required, and Mozy's minimal monthly service charges ($4.95/desktop and $6.95/server) and low storage costs (fifty cents per gigabyte per month) make it affordable for even cost conscious businesses.
  • Locked File Support: MozyPro leverages volume shadow services to access and back up open and locked files. As a result, organizations gain assurance that files regularly kept open during backup operations, including even Outlook PST files and other documents, spreadsheets and other data, are safely backed up offsite.
  • Server Compatible: One critical difference between MozyHome and MozyPro is the latter's support for Windows and Mac servers. In addition to backing up SQL and Exchange data, MozyPro also backs up data from networked drives.

What's wrong?

  • Restores Can Take Days: Unlike image or localized backups, offsite backups require downloading backed up data as part of the recovery process. In environments in which dozens or hundreds of gigabytes are backed up off site, the data recovery process can literally consume days. While local backups don't suffer the need to download backed up data via the Internet, local backups don't always exist, as they too are sometimes destroyed as part of the same catastrophe that necessitates the need for recovery in the first place. For recoveries of large amounts of data, users can order DVDs direct from Mozy, but a few business days are usually still required to produce and physically receive the recovery DVD.
  • Support Improving: Mozy's support is getting better, which is good. Attempts to reach a live person proved problematic in the past, but Mozy now offers Pro clients 24x7 telephone support and live technical support chat options during regular business hours.
  • No Linux Support: MozyPro versions are not available for Linux servers or client systems.

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Bottom line for business

Small business administrators needing to automate the back up of critical server and workstation data offsite can rely upon MozyPro to deliver a secure, reliable and inexpensive solution. Reporting tools offer the ability to configure customized alerts, thereby ensuring a minimum of maintenance is required to manage critical data backup operations.

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