Review: Nagios XI network monitoring tool

Nagios enables the network administrator to keep a very close watch on all systems on the network no matter how many systems are on that network.

The Nagios Welcome page

This screen is the welcome screen you will see upon logging in. As you can see, there are plenty of features ready to serve you.

Service commands

From this window you can enable and disable various features for a particular host - no editing of configuration files needed.

Service status

From a single screen you can see the service status of all of your hosts.

Host groups

You can combine hosts into groups which can make for easy at-a-glance monitoring. Here you can see "All Servers", "Debian GNU/Linux Servers", "HTTP Servers", "Pingable Servers", and "SSH Servers".

Mouse over

By mousing over a host on the status map, you can get a quick glimpse of plenty of useful information.

Service problems

Click on the Service Problems link and you will quickly get a glimpse of all issues on your network.

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