Review: OpenGoo collaboration suite

OpenGoo is for any size company looking for a solid collaboration suite that can be served up in-house, without breaking the bank.

The OpenGoo main page

Upon installation you will be greeted with this page. You can delete this page by simply clicking the link near the bottom.

Document creation

This is where documents are created. One of the few pitfalls of OpenGoo shows up here in that you can only save in .html format.

Document workspace

OpenGoo allows you to upload nearly any time (and amount) of documents so that they can be used in a collaborative environment.

Creating events

When creating events you can even attach (link) files to this event.

New workspace

With OpenGoo you can create new workspaces to represent teams, jobs, clients, etc.

Presentation tool

Although the presentation tool is much more simple than what MS Office and OpenOffice have to offer, it does its job and does it well.

Tasks panel