Review: PerfectDisk 11 Professional

PerfectDisk's newly released version 11 builds upons previous versions to deliver a highly configurable disk defragging product.

PerfectDisk's newly released version 11 builds upons previous versions to deliver a highly configurable disk defragging product. But is it enough to justify the relatively high price?

Note: This review was performed with a "not for resale" version of the application which the vendor provided to TechRepublic for review purposes.


  • Product: PerfectDisk 11 Professional
  • Cost: $39.99
  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Hardware Requirements: 64MB RAM (128MB recommended)
  • Supported Operating Systems: 2000, XP, Vista, W7
  • Additional Information: Product Web site
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Who's it for?

PerfectDisk 11 Professional markets itself towards IT departments. There is a home version without some of the high end features such as duplicate file removal, and server-oriented products in the lineup as well. That being said, the Professional edition combines many of the features that hobbyists and enthusiasts often use a variety of other products for, so it may be worth a look for them as well.

What problems does it solve?

PerfectDisk Professional addresses all of the standard defragging duties, and adds a bevy of features such as space management that other solutions do not have. In addition, it has a number of graphs, reports, and configuration settings that other products do not have.

Standout features

  • Background Defragging Configuration: Unlike the other products on the market, PerfectDisk's background defragger ("StealPatrol") allows you to fine tune its performance profile.
  • Customizable Optimization: For the folks who like ultimate control, the SMARTPlacement system allows you to really dial in how you want your disk to be optimized.
  • Value Added Features: PerfectDisk adds on functionality such as duplicate file finding, and a drive space explorer, which replaces other utilities you may be using (or in need of) quite well.

What's wrong?

  • Cost: At $39.99, PerfectDisk is about twice what Auslogics Disk Defrags runs, and $39.99 more than most of the other solutions on the market (yet still less expensive than Diskeeper). There are also upgrade charges.
  • Difficult UI: Because of all of the additional functionality, graphs, charts, etc. that PerfectDisk has, the UI really loses much of its focus on defragging. In addition, much of the advanced configuration takes a high level of knowledge to use to the best advantage.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

PerfectDisk Professional occupies a unique middle ground between the truly expensive Diskeeper and less expensive options from Auslogics Disk Defrag ($19.95 for business use, free for home users) and other free options like Smart Defrag and Defraggler. Diskeeper has central management functionality (which you may very well not need), and the less expensive options forgo some of the configurability (particularly for the background defragging and the SMARTPlacement algorithm) while being much easier to use.

Working with PerfectDisk, the people who will really like it best are the enthusiasts and professionals who want or need the ultimate control over their system, which only PerfectDisk gives users. Is that enough to get you to open your wallet up to the tune of $39.99? Quite possibly no, it does not.

For standard, business usage defragging purposes, it is hard to see why the extra configurability is worth paying extra for compared to other options. Sure, PerfectDisk Professional has a number of extra utilities built into it, but in all honesty, you can get that functionality in other applications for free. And while the graphs and reports may appeal to those looking to eke out every last drop of performance, the typical IT professional does not have the time to pore over them looking for ways to give a business user that last 5% of speed.

Overall, PerfectDisk Professional is a great product for those looking for ultimate defragging tuning and performance, and is definitely the best product that I have seen so far from that perspective. IT professionals in a high-performance situation (such as workstation users) will probably like it a lot. For typical defragging, you are probably better off with a less expensive option, unless you require central management, in which case Diskeeper is your only real choice.

User rating

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