Review: PerfectDisk 11 Professional

PerfectDisk's newly released version 11 builds upons previous versions to deliver a highly configurable disk defragging product.

Default screen

This is the default screen in PerfectDisk Professional; it is a pretty busy screen if all you want to do is a simple disk defrag, but it is quite useful if you are into performance tuning.


As a nice touch, the first time you launch PerfectDisk, it allows you to change the most important settings.

Drive map

After analyzing a disk, PerfectDisk presents the kind of drive map that you would expect.

Space Management

The Space Management tab is where much of the extra feature like the Recycler analysis (shown) and the duplicate file finder is found.


The settings area lets you really tweak how AutoPilot (scheduled defrags) and StealthPatrol (background defragging) use resources. This level of control just does not exist in other products.


Not only can you choose a SMARTPlacement algorithm, but you can customize it. The icing on the cake? You can use a different algorithm for each drive. Talk about control in the quest for performance!