Review: PpcSoft iKnow 2009 knowledge management

PpcSoft's iKnow 2009 application looks to provide a better experience for personal knowledge management than either Evernote or Microsoft OneNote.

Figure A

This is the first thing you see when you start iKnow. The interface is quite clear, but unfortunately, there is functionality which you might not find out about without reading the manual.

Figure B

Here, you can see how items get autolinked together. Just by typing "gardening" into the note, it was linked to the "Gardening" note.

Figure C

This is the "Quick Search" functionality in action. By typing in the box at the top-left, notes with that match the title are matched and brought up.

Figure D

The in-depth, full text search digs up all notes that match the text, and shows where in the note the found text is located.

Figure E

When you hover over a piece of text that is linked to another note, you can see a preview of the note on the left, this is very useful if you just need to see something in that note without having to lose your current place.