Review: Rendezvous enterprise collaboration suite

The enterprise collaboration suite, Rendezvous by CodeGlide, contains all of the standard requirements for modern enterprise needs but none of the costly overhead.

Enterprise collaboration suites are everything for businesses these days. With the global economy reaching a near bottom, enterprises are looking for cost-saving replacements for Microsoft's Exchange Server and other common applications and solutions. One of those replacements is Rendezvous by CodeGlide. This groupware suite contains all of the standard requirements for modern enterprise needs but none of the costly overhead. Rendezvous offers both commercial and open source licenses.


Who's it for?

Rendezvous is for any small to large enterprise looking for a solid collaboration suite at a fraction of the cost of common applications like Microsoft Exchange Server. ($19/per user per year).

What problem does it solve?

Rendezvous solves the complex problem of community-wide communication and collaboration. It does this with an amazingly simple installation, a user-friendly interface, and all of the tools the enterprise needs for collaboration, communication, and scheduling.

Standout features

  • E-mail Client: Webmail and/or connection from Outlook and other clients.
  • Calendar: Individual and group/shared calendars
  • Project Management: Full-featured, Web-based project management
  • Document Management: Secure storing and accessing of documents
  • Contact Management: Consolidate and centralize contacts.
  • RSS/Atom Reader: Add third-party feeds

With the help of an Outlook plugin or the outstanding AJAX Web interface, users can get e-mail and calendars remotely. Support for over-the-air push synchronization available using SyncML.

What's wrong?

The biggest problem facing Rendezvous is the fact that anyone wanting to connect via Outlook will have to install a plugin. This may not be a problem if your organization is migrating to Web-based tools.

The other issue occurs during installation, when Rendezvous offers to install an embedded database if you do not already have a supported database in place. This is a very simple installation and a very simple database, and administrators could be tempted to continue on with the Rendezvous installation without taking the time to install a true database server. This should be avoided because it creates a much slower system. There is no warning for this during the installation process and there should be.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Exchange Server, Lotus Notes or other common collaboration server, then Rendezvous might be your go-to groupware suite. With the added benefit of being able to purchase technical support directly from CodeGlide, Rendezvous offers a compelling combination for enterprise deployment.

User rating

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