Review: Roundup of file defragmentation apps

During 2009, TechRepublic reviewed several file defragmentation applications for the Product Spotlight Blog. Compare and pick your favorite.

During 2009, TechRepublic reviewed several file defragmentation applications for the Product Spotlight Blog. All had their pluses and their minuses and all seem to have advocates and detractors. Perhaps we can form a consensus preferred application - at least until the next versions come out.

Here are the file defragmentation applications we reviewed, in no particular order:

  • UltraDefrag tool UltraDefrag is for anyone who needs a more powerful, reliable, faster replacement for the standard Windows defragmenting tools as well as the administrator who could use a portable version for on the go troubleshooting.
  • MyDefrag 4.2.6 MyDefrag is for those users and administrators looking for a better defragmenter than Windows Disk Defragmenter. MyDefrag is ideal if you are looking for a defragmenter that is thorough, highly customizable and free. However, if you are looking for a fast defragmenter, then MyDefrag probably isn't for you.
  • Smart Defrag Every system has a need for periodic defragmentation of the file system. In particular, power users and heavy media users are constantly adding and removing large files from their systems with frequent application installation/removal cycles, and media downloads/deletions. PC technicians and desktop support personnel also are heavy defrag users as they try to speed up customers' systems.
  • Defraggler defrag hard disk utility Users who really beat up their filesystems will really appreciate Defraggler. People who do a lot of downloads, store large media files, or install and uninstall a lot of software will definitely find it useful. Users who require every last shred of performance from their system will also find Defraggler useful. PC technicians and desktop support personnel will appreciate Defraggler's ability to speed up systems.

Make a pick

Answer the poll and we'll see if we can come up with a consensus pick for a preferred file defragmentation application. Or suggest an application we have not reviewed yet, and will take a look and add it to our roundup.

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By Mark Kaelin

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