Review: SmartCode VNC Manager Enterprise

Busy system administrators who manage a large number of systems that use different remote access methods will appreciate VNC Manager.

Main screen

This is the main screen for VNC Manager, it is just way too busy with too much functionality on the left.

Event log viewer

An example of one of the value add management capabilities, in this case, the Event Log viewer. It is not a real upgrade over telling the Event Log MMC snapin to connect to a remote machine, other than the centralized access.


Just one example of the incredibly over complex configuration possible, and sometimes required.


As you can see, all of the options are disabled. Why, because they are inherited from the global settings. It's a pain in the neck to just change settings in this app, yet it is practically mandatory to do it to use the application.


Issuing a command remotely. The lack of PowerShell is a major omission.


The thumbnail view, in this case of a Hyper-V server.