Review: Timebridge meeting scheduler

Timebridge is a Web-based application that makes it easier to arrange and conduct meetings, conference calling, and Web meeting functionality.


Timebridge is easy even before you sign up, their site is clean and easy to navigate.


This is the main dashboard of Timebridge, it is very self-explanatory and simple to use.


When creating a meeting, you use a familiar interface for picking up to five proposed meeting times.


You can create a simple meeting agenda, and the participants can edit it as well.

Action items

In addition to the agenda, Timebridge allows action items and shared files (using Box.Net) to be attached to meetings.


Meeting attendees receive a very nice email that is not overwhelming like some meeting invitation emails can be.

Pick time

When responding to an invitation, attendees pick the best time for them, which times they can meet, and which times they cannot meet. Once all attendees respond the system figures out the best possible time and then sends a confirmation email to everyone.

SMS messages

Timebridge is very good at making sure that you have selected the correct choices for each time, and lets you sign up for SMS notifications.


This is the confirmation email that attendees receive. The formatting makes it clear exactly when the meeting will be and how to attend, as well as providing the agenda and action items list.

Web conferencing

This is the Web conferencing system in action to share a PowerPoint presentation.