Review: TioLive hosted ERP management systems

TioLive is for any SMB needing a Web-based CRM/HRM/CMS/Accounting package that is easy to use and requires zero installation.

Every business needs a solid tool for work flow, communication, documentation, and resource management. But the world is not ideal and some companies have neither the budget nor the IT staff to manage such tools. For those companies there are tools like TioLive that offer hosted CRM/HRM/CMS/Accounting services so that SMBs don't have to worry about breaking the budget or employing IT staff.


  • Pricing:
    • Free: 100Mb storage, unlimited users
    • Premium ($49.00 USD per month): 10Gb storage, unlimited users, and more features
    • Dedicated (Contact TioLive for pricing): Unlimited storage/users, more features
  • Requirement: A current Web-browser and Internet connection
  • Additional information from the vendor
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Who's it for?

TioLive is for any SMB needing a Web-based CRM/HRM/CMS/Accounting package that is easy to use, requires zero installation, and can be viewed from any modern Web browser (with the exception of Google Chrome on Linux). And although the free package is limited, the Premium package is an affordable alternative to having to add IT staff to your budget to maintain such a tool in house.

Outside of the necessity for IT staff, TioLive is a tool that can easily satisfy just about any SMB needing the standard tools of their trade. And since it is a hosted, Web-based solution, no VPN is necessary to gain access to your company's site. Simply click the URL, use your credentials, and you are in. Use TioLive within the company or on the go to keep your business running smoothly.

What problem does it solve?

Organization. Organization. Organization. That is the true to key to a successful business. Without the proper tools to stay organized your business will drown in a sea of paperwork, clients, employees, customers, vendors, inventory, documentation, and more. TioLive allows you and your employees to keep track of the multitude of information from one, centralized location.

Standout features

  • Easy to use/navigate Web-based interface
  • Complete CRM tools
  • Powerful CMS
  • Contact management
  • Purchasing and sales
  • Communication
  • Complete accounting package

What's wrong?

What about those companies that would prefer to host their tools on site? What happens when TioLive isn't live? When the single point of contact goes down, so does productivity. There are plenty of SMBs out there that want to have total control of their tools. For those, TioLive is not an option.

And the biggest problem with TioLive is no Outlook support. Yes, TioLive does support a number of email clients, but most businesses use Outlook and depend upon push notification - something TioLive cannot support. And one other nit to pick is the lack of support for Google Chrome. Sure it's not one of the big two Web browsers, but there are plenty of users who do use Chrome who will have to switch to Firefox (or another browser).

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

This should be a no-brainer for any SMB without an IT staff to babysit a tool with similar features to TioLive. The features, cost, and benefit to having such a resource working for you is all to the upside. But if you're looking for a tool that can be completely customized, top to bottom, you might want to look at another open source, non-hosted, solution. But if a hosted solution is on your horizon, take a close look at TioLive, it might just be your last stop.

User rating

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