Review: Track your bugs online with Bontq

Bontq is for any business that needs a bug tracking and project management application but does not have the internal resources, or budget, for a full-blown application suite.

For many companies, the necessity to track bugs is often superseded by a lack of resources or by budgetary reasons. One option for companies in that situation could be to use an online service for tracking bugs. One online service stands out with a few extra features that make it quite useful for those tracking the bugs and those reporting the bugs.

Bontq is an online solution that does both bug tracking as well as project management. But Bontq doesn't stop there. This online solution also offers a client application that helps users easily snap and submit screenshots to aid in the bug tracking process.


  • Updated Web Browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome)
  • Java 1.6
  • Cost:
    • $9.00/monthly = 3 users, 3 projects, unlimited storage, no desktop client
    • $19.00/monthly = 10 users, 10 projects, unlimited storage, desktop client
    • $39.00/monthly = 20 users, 40 projects, unlimited storage, desktop client
    • $99.00/monthly = 50 users, 100 projects, unlimited storage, desktop client
    • $149.00/monthly = unlimited users, unlimited projects, unlimited storage, desktop client
  • Additional vendor information

Who's it for?

Bontq is for any business that needs a bug tracking and project management application but does not have the internal resources, or budget, for a full-blown application suite. Bontq makes the process of tracking bugs and projects about as simple as it can be. So this tool can be successfully deployed and used by any level of user. With such an easy to use tool, any user can aid in the process of reporting bugs.

What problem does it solve?

The biggest problem Bontq solves is that it offers the ability for companies to have a very robust bug tracking solution with hardly any set up time and no backend hardware. Bontq will save your company money on the front end by not requiring any extra hardware or downtime for administrators.

Outstanding features

  • Client application to help users report bugs
  • Web interface allows the reporting of bugs from anywhere
  • Global activity viewing from dashboard
  • Testing area for bug reports, feature requests, test cases, and more
  • Custom priorities and labels
  • Email notifications
  • Unlimited number of companies can be set up
  • Robust reporting tools
  • Google docs integration
  • Basecamp and FogBugz import

What's wrong?

The biggest problem I came across, when using Bontq is the client application was created with Java. Because of this it was flaky and didn't run on all client machines. Anyone using Linux or even Mac will have a very hard time running the client application. Other than that, Bontq was an outstanding solution.

Competitive products

Bottom line for businesses

Let's face it, not every company can afford to relegate resources necessary for bug tracking. When this is the case, the only viable solution is an online tool and Bontq is one of the tops in this area.

User rating

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By Jack Wallen

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