Review: Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud is for anyone (personal, SMB, enterprise) needing to either test or deploy a cloud environment.

Cloud Configuration

The Web-based cloud configuration screen shows the information gathered from the command line tools. On this same page you can register new nodes.


The best way to install UEC is by installing an Ubuntu Server from scratch and selecting the UEC option.

Install type

Make sure you select the right type of installation. You will only want to install one Cloud Controller (cluster) on your network.


Not only do you have to create an administrative user, you also have to download credentials for that user. These credentials are created using the command line tools.


To get a user-friendly interface to both EC2 clouds and your private cloud, register with Rightscale from the Credentials tab.


A listing of the current images you have uploaded to your controller will be here on the Web-interface.


Store of available images


Web administrative console