Review: UltraDefrag tool

UltraDefrag is an open source defragging tool that is superior to the default Microsoft tools.

The steps necessary to defragment a Windows hard drive is one of the first things users should learn how to do. Before you blame a virus or malware for a slowing PC you should determine whether drive fragmentation is the culprit. Since most of the defrag utilities that come with the various versions of the Windows operating system are less-than-stellar, it's always a good idea to have a choice. UltraDefrag is an open source defragging tool that is superior to the default Microsoft tools. And UltraDefrag offers command line tools, as well as a micro edition that can be installed on a USB drive. The inclusion of UltraDefrag in your toolbox is a no brainer.

Supported Windows releases

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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Who's it for?

UltraDefrag is for anyone who needs a more powerful, reliable, faster replacement for the standard Windows defragmenting tools as well as the administrator who could use a portable version for on the go troubleshooting.

What problem does it solve?

UltraDefrag makes defragging a hard drive a task that doesn't have to be handled overnight. With the size of hard drives getting ever-larger, the defragging tools of the past (especially those that ship with the Windows operating system) just won't cut it. UltraDefrag drastically cuts down the time necessary for the defragmenting process. And with the "micro" version you can have a version of UltraDefrag with you at all times.

Standout features

  • Lightning fast defragmenting
  • Light weight
  • Ability to defrag at startup
  • Single file or entire directory can be defragged
  • Logging and debugging
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Uses MS Defrag API so file moving is safe
  • Built-in filters

What's wrong?

The one problem that might cause many administrators take pause when considering this tool is that it is not digitally signed by Microsoft. For most users this isn't a problem, but for some administrators in larger-scale environments, the MS digital signature is quite important (even if only for liability sake). The other issue is more user-based, in that most users neglect to regularly defrag their Windows hard drives. It would be nice if UltraDefrag included with a suite of tools that would make users more inclined to defrag on a regular schedule.

Competitive products:

Bottom line for business

UltraDefrag is a tool that every administrator should use based on one simple need: speed. UltraDefrag is one of the fastest (if not THE fastest) defragging application I have used. And when you are dealing with a large number of machines, speed is crucial.

User rating

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