Review: Wazala online ecommerce service

Wazala is an online service that allows users to create simple stores hosted on a remote server that can be integrated into their own Web site.

If you have a small business, and you need (or want) to begin selling products online, what do you do? You may not want to pay a developer to create a site or the higher costs of having a shopping cart hosted for you. If that describes your situation, there are few options that are simple enough that the average user can implement them successfully. When you need a simple store to hold just a few items, there is one place you can turn that will have you selling items in no time.

Wazala is an online service that allows users to create simple online stores which are hosted on a remote server (Wazala servers) and can be quickly be accessed from, or integrated into a website. But is Wazala the right tool for your ecommerce needs?

Cost structure

  • Free plan: Free, 5 products, 9 images per product, Store buttons and widgets
  • Small plan: $9.95 per month, 25 products, 9 images per product, Store buttons and widgets
  • Medium plan: $19.95 per month, 100 products, 9 images per product, Store buttons and widgets
  • Large plan: $29.95 per month, 250 products, 9 images per product, Store buttons and widgets
  • For a full comparison see the Pricing and Signup Page.

Who's it for?

Wazala is for any small to medium business looking to sell anything from a single product to 250 products online, but which does not have the resources available to create their own ecommerce solution. Wazala can be used by any company who already has a website by integrating a Wazala Store right into their current site. For those who need an ecommerce solution, but do not have a website, your customers can shop from a directory located on a "personalized" Wazala site (

What problem does it solve?

Wazala allows just about anyone to offer an online store - whether there is already a Web presence or not. And with the free option, the smallest of businesses can get their online store up and running in no time. And if you are a medium sized company with less than 250 products to sell, you can seamlessly and elegantly integrate a store into your already running website (for samples of stores check out the Wazala Samples Page.

Key features

  • Integrated or stand-alone store
  • Integrate with almost any site design
  • Sell physical or downloadable products
  • Receive payments through most widely accepted methods (including PayPal and Google Checkout)
  • Inventory management/information
  • Offer discounts to customers
  • Multiple product images
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Adapts to your needs
  • Customization of both look and feel
  • Integrated fulfillment and support

What's wrong?

The only problem I find with Wazala is the "seamless" integrated translates to an overlay window over your already existing website. This is only a problem if you want your online store to have the exact look and feel as the rest of your site. If this is the case, you may be disappointed with Wazala. Another issue is the lack of integration into applications like Quickbooks. But if you are a small operation this probably isn't an issue.

Bottom line for business

If you are a business in need of an ecommerce solution, and you do not need integration with a financial application, Wazala is an ideal option. From conception to solution you can have your ecommerce presence up and running in less time than it would take you to set up a booth at your local flea market or art fair. It's that easy and that fast - ideal for small to mid-sized businesses. If, however, you are a larger company needing more flexibility, or have more than 250 products, you more than likely are not looking at a pre-packaged solution anyway.

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User rating

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