Review: WinZip file compression utility

Over the years Winzip has grown from a fairly simple product to one with a ton of features fulfilling a variety of compression and packaging needs.

WinZip’s interface is clearly labeled without complicated options. The large buttons and text make it obvious what each icon does. This is the “WinZip Classic” interface.
This is the “Jobs” menu, which allows you to define sets of files to compress, how to compress them, and a schedule if desired. As you can see, there are already some pre-defined jobs to allow you to quickly back up your important files and settings.
WinZip also offers the “WinZip Wizard” interface, which walks users through typical usage. This is a good choice for beginning or less computer savvy users.
After creating an archive, WinZip shows you a nice summary of what went in and how much space you saved.
There are a number of different options for encrypting files. The password policy can be changed in WinZip’s settings.
WinZip’s UI is much like Windows Explorer’s for navigating within an archive.
WinZip offers a good deal of actions that can be performed on files within the archive without actually extracting all of the files. This can be a real time saver!