Review: Writeboard Online Collaboration Service

The Writeboard Online Collaboration Service is a user-friendly, online collaboration tool that will bring your offices together.

Naturally you can get a team to collaborate with one another (whether or not they will actually work together is another question) when they are all in the same building. If, however, you have teams in different buildings or (even worse) different states, how do you collaborate then? Sure you can set up IM clients or a CMS, but what if you need something fast, cheap, and easy?

The Writeboard Online Collaboration Service is a user-friendly, online collaboration tool that will help you bring your offices together, no matter how much distance separates them.


All you need really is a Web browser and someone to create the session.

Who's it for?

Writeboard is for any company (no matter the size) that needs a collaborative tool to bridge together multiple offices at multiple locations. And this tool is for anyone that needs a collaborative tool that errs on the side of ease of use and simplicity.

What problem does it solve?

Writeboard solves the problem of allowing companies with sites in multiple locations to collaborate together seamlessly and simply. This tool allows a single user to create a Writeboard and then invites users to connect to the session.

Key features

  • Simple to set up
  • Subscribe to documents via RSS
  • Backpack integration
  • Password protected sessions
  • Invite as many users as necessary
  • Completely free
  • Send documents as text files
  • Easy formatting of text

What's wrong?

The biggest problem you will find with Writeboard is that you are limited to text files. You will not be able to collaborate on spreadsheets or another other office documents. And if you are collaborating on coding a project you won't find syntax highlighting or another other fancy coding tools. With Writeboard, it's simple, straight-up text (with a bit of formatting).

Bottom line for business

To be perfectly honest, the process of collaborating on ideas, like on a standard white board, translates perfectly to Writeboard Online Services. It's simple to use, easy to share, and has little to no learning curve. If you need a way to quickly toss up a collaboration white board, you cannot go wrong with Writeboard.

User rating

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