10 Android apps that could get you fired

Sure, you can download all the apps you want on your personal devices. However, if you download the following Android apps on your business phone or tablet, you could get in a lot of hot water at work.

Personal life

4. Meet HOT people: MiuMeet Flirt

There's a time and a place for dating, and work typically isn't one of them. This app lets you "Meet, chat, flirt, play & party with people who are near you right now for free!" I know it sounds more interesting than fixing buggy code or untangling wires in your server room, but if your boss finds out, your social calendar may all-of-sudden be wide open -- that is, when you're not spending your time looking for a new job.

I know that there are several dozen dating apps out there, but I don't discriminate. You should avoid them all on your business phone, including HotGayDating.

5. Pocket Girlfriend

"Beam me up, Scotty" might have a whole new meaning with the Pocket Girlfriend. This little app is described as "An exotic, erotic, hot & sexy girl avatar with voice recognition in your pocket." There's a pretty good chance that this one would violate your company usage policy, especially if coworkers are privy to your app and find it offensive (hey, you never know). Even if you download this app on your personal mobile, please keep it in your pocket, fellas.

6. Wank-o-meter

No, I'm not kidding. Again, if you have this on your personal phone, don't pull it out at work. Wait until you get off.

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